Uniforms for Security Guards, Police, Security Force and Regulatory Agency

The decree no. 62/2013 (XI.28.) of the Ministry of the Interior precisely regulates the formal criteria and quality criteria for new types of uniforms for the security guard / voluntary police service.

Our company's employees played a critical role in the planning and development of the current type of security guard uniforms. In addition, they have effectively contributed to the drafting of the current regulation.

As a result of all of this, our company is one of the most authentic sources in case You plan to procure the new type of guard uniform. You can do this personally in our sample room, whether it is through our security force webshop, which was first developed in Hungary.

Similar to uniforms of the security guard / voluntary police service, we have all the professional and legal background knowledge that is required for the production of clothing, such as for example for supervisory authorities in the public sector, armed security forces, district guards, parking garages as well as for other law enforcement agencies or law enforcement officers, patrol services.

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